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Phone: 503-982-1777 Fax: 503-982-8220  

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Western States Drilling

The CME 55 HT Mounted On A Rubber Track MorookaThe CME 55 HT mounted on a rubber track Morooka is used to access remote and hard to reach locations.

 The wide rubber tracks spread the surface contact area over 9,000 sq. inches, which allows the rig to track over asphalt, concreted and soft conditions.

The rubber tracks make the CME 55 Morooka track carrier capable of working on pavement and concrete with no damage to the surface.

CME 75 HT Drill Rig
The CME 75 HT Drill Rig is very fast. Retract rates of up to 90 feet per minute mean quick cycle times when adding augers or tripping out of the hole. The dependable mechanical rotary drive is available with up to 13,000 foot pounds of torque for auger drilling holes up to 16 inches in diameter. The CME 75 has group pumps mounted and are capable of mud rotary, rock coring and auger drilling.

CME 55 HT Drill RigThe CME 55 HT Drill Rig has 28,275 pounds of retract force and up to 9,200 pounds of rotary torque. This rig is capable of drilling holes up to 14.75 inches in diameter using conventional or hollow-stem augers. The CME 55 HT is equipped for mud rotary drilling and rock coring as well.

Rubber Tracked Low Clearance Rig
This drill is equipped for crane lift and helicopter delivery to remote sites.
13'x6" L, 6'x8" W, 12'6" Mast Height, Short Mast Option 9'3",12,000lbs.
Low Clearance, Limited Access, Rubber Tracked. This rig is set up for Mud Rotary, Auger, & Coring. It has 5,000 foot pounds of torque, a 140# Auto Hammer, and break out wrench. This rig can access sites under power lines, on sidewalks, under bridges, and inside buildings. The carrier is also equipped with a front winch capable of pulling the rig up steep slopes and assisting with access in steep difficult terrain. The wide rubber tracks spread over 4,800 sq. inches and can be utilized on pavement without causing damage. Our recent projects with this drill include drilling on top of the Lake Oswego and Speelyai Dams, drilling inside the Washington Park Reservoir, and in an underground parking garage only 9’3” of overhead clearance.
CME 75 HT Truck Mounted Drill RigWestern States is proud to announce the addition of our brand New CME 75 HT Truck Mounted drill rig to the fleet .CME75HT Specifications: Mud Rotary/Auger/HQ Coring – Hydraulic Feed and Retract System = 30,000 pounds of retract force = retract rates of up to 980 feet per minute – High Torque Rotary Drive = 14,000 foot pounds of torque – 140# & 300# Auto-Hammers, Break Out Wrench & Bean Pump. This drill has outstanding performance and dependability..
All drill rigs at Western States Soil Conservation, Inc. are equipped with calibrated auto hammers to ensure accurate blow counts. All drills are also equipped with breakout wrenches, and quick change capabilities - allowing us to change to and from mud rotary, auger, and coring in a matter of minutes.
TRUCK Rig #1
TRACK Rig #2
TRACK Rig #3
TRUCK Rig #4
Truck Rig #5
Skid RigSkid RigThis drill is crane lift equipped, helicopter equipped, and barge ready. Capable of HQ3 Angle Coring up to a maximum of 37 degrees. 14’ 11” L,5’5”W, 16’4” Mast height, 6,800lbs. Low clearance, limited access drill rig mounted on skids. It has 5,000 foot pounds of torque, and 140# Auto Hammer. This rig is capable of accessing rugged and limited access site locations. The skid carrier is equipped with a front winch capable of assisting the rig into difficult sites. Our recent projects with this rig include drilling over water at the Cowlitz Falls Dam and the Siuslaw River near Florence.
Skid Rig #6

The CME-850XR is a rough-terrain drill that has full rubber tracks Ideal for remote and hard to reach locations, but won’t damage most pavement.  The wide rubber tracks spread the surface area contact to only 3.9 psi ground bearing pressure, so it is also perfect for city streets and urban locations.

The CME-850XR provides up to 14,925 foot pounds of torque and 28,275 pounds of retract force, has an automatic SPT Hammer, hydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench, and quick mast disconnect. Our CME-850XR is equipped for hollow stem auger, mud rotary, and HQ3 Core drilling.  We are excited to offer this versatile machine as one of the newest additions to our fleet.

Track Rig #7
GeoProbe Rig #8

Western States is proud to now offer GeoProbe 7822DT as our newest rig. With this rig we are able to provide the versatility you need for your environmental or geotechnical projects. Perfect for soil or groundwater sampling, the small footprint makes for easy maneuverability and comes with a multitude of options. This machine is ready for direct push, hollow stem auger, and rock core. We have equipped it with an automatic drop hammer for SPT Sampling, four speed auger head, hydraulic liner extruder, overhead mast, and hydraulic winch. This rig is mounted on rubber tracks perfect for rough terrain, or working on pavement surfaces.

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